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Safety & Product Care

1. Our products are delicate so please handle with care.

2. Keep out of reach of children at all times.

3. Our acrylic is very fragile and is for display only.

4. Our plywood range is best kept inside and should be kept away from direct heat and water.

5. Please do not use any cleaning products on either acrylic or wood products. Use a dry or lightly damped cloth if needed.

6. Please keep in mind that our products to do not come with warranty as our range is personalised. So please take extra care.

7. LOOK BUT DON’T TOUCH. This product is NOT A TOY. Keep out of reach of children. We do not recommend hanging items above cot (irrespective whether item is within reach or not). If you do hang items over cot/bed of your child, you do so at your own risk.